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New Product Marketing

Bringing new products to market successfully

Product Strategy and Execution

Ramp Revenue Faster by Getting to Product/Market Fit

Defining your first or next version of your product means aligning your technology, your features, your target customers, and your go to market strategy.  We follow proven Lean/Agile processes to align technology, product features, and customers.  We then apply digital marketing expertise to align product, go-to-market, and customers.

Our project at SilverStorm resulted in revenue growth from $0 to $20 Mil and an acquisition by Qlogic.

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Voice of the Customer

Incorporate customer input into product and strategy yields higher customer close rates and retention.

We help our clients to develop a deep understanding of their prospect and customer concerns through a range of customer input types - from Customer Advisory Councils, to customer interviews and demos, to surveys.  We then use a proven Lean Six Sigma Voice of the Customer process to take that data and turn it into actionable intelligence for your product and marketing teams.

Our VOC project with Seagate resulted in the definition of a new Billion dollar product for Google.

Agile Product Management

Accelerate time to product success in the market

If you have already implemented agile methodologies in your engineering and software development teams, we can help you to implement similar methodologies in your marketing and product management teams to ensure that customer input and feedback drives your feature backlogs, and that your product management activities are fully integrated with your agile engineering cycles.  We have worked in both Agile and SAF-e methodologies across numerous companies to accelerate product adoption.

Our agile product management projects have helped our clients deliver products in half the time or less with measurably higher customer satisfaction.

Agile Methodology
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Go to Market Strategy

Ramp your business faster

As companies grow, it is critical to move beyond the first customers to a repeatable marketing and sales process that generates consistent revenue and bookings.  We can help you to develop this process with our knowledge and experience with a range of distribution models, combined with digital and account based marketing.  From open source software, to SaaS to enterprise systems, we have helped companies develop and implement successful go to market strategies for consistent growth.

We helped to implement a multi-channel distribution strategy for one of our clients that enabled them to double revenue from #$300Mil to over $600 Mll in 18 months.

Does your company need our services?

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