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Interim Executives

When your company needs help with the strategy and execution for any key function while you search for the right permanent executive.

Analyzing the Markets

Drive business Strategy and Execution

Our principals have CEO, COO, and General Manager experience in companies from startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

We can take an interim CEO/COO role for your company to help drive a new strategy, execute your strategy, or fill the gap while you recruit the right replacement executive.

We also have experience mentoring new CEOs into the job, whether they be founders or other executives moving into the CEO role.



Assess, change or execute product and go to market strategy

We have been CMO, VP of Marketing and VP of Product Management with B2B and B2C technology companies.  Our breadth and depth of technology and product experience makes it easy for us to come up to speed quickly and step into an operating role effectively.



Define and implement Product,Technology or DevOps strategy

We have been in CTO and VP of Engineering roles in a number of companies as they face the challenges of rapid change in technology.  Whether the objective is to implement an Agile strategy, drive a DevOps implementation, move to a SaaS model, switch to a new technology, or just to ensure good technology and engineering operations during a leadership transition, sometimes bringing in an interim CTO or VP of Engineering can help to address the challenge.

CTO/VP Engineering


Enhance the skillset of the board or advisory board

Our principals have legal, financial and business acumen, as well as deep technical understanding.  We have many years of experience as board directors and advisory board members for companies that want to expand their expertise and bring in new skills at the advisory level.

Board / Advisory Board Member

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